Wobbel Original Transparent Lacquer Sky Blue Felt - minifili

Wobbel Original Transparent Lacquer Sky Blue Felt


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The classic balance board with a contemporary design.

The Wobbel is the wooden toy that moves young and old! It stimulates balance and strength in a playful way, but very efficiently. It supports physical awareness and when used as a training device, specific muscle groups can be isolated, this goes for (young) children, adults and even the elderly. 

Its curved shape stimulates creativity at play time, upside down it turns into a bridge, tunnel or step. At quiet times it can be used as a cosy rocking chair for reading or relaxing. T
he possibilities are endless.

For inspiration on moves and activities click here to watch Wobbel's videos on their YouTube channel.

Material: beech wood
Size: 90 x 30cm
Colour: Natural, Sky Blue felt

Age: 0 to 100 
Weight: up to 100kg
CE, ASTM and AS/NZ certified

Please note:
- The Wobbel is designed for indoor use under adult supervision. It can be used outdoors, but will wear quicker. Never leave outside, because water and moist will eventually damage the wood, paint or felt;
If no felt is underneath the Wobbel it is recommended that you use a mat, carpet or rug underneath. This protects the Wobbel, your flooring and your ears. For floors that aren’t scratch resistant it is recommended using a mat, carpet or rug underneath, even if there is felt underneath;
It is advised to clean the Wobbel with a damp cloth, combined with a mild detergent if necessary. It’s important to wipe it with a dry cloth after cleaning.


- Make sure your child always uses the Wobbel under adult supervision;
- Always use a Wobbel on a flat and level surface. Using the Wobbel on a sloped and/or rough surface could result in the Wobbel tipping over and causing injuries;
- Never wear socks or smooth shoes. Bare feet or shoes that aren’t slippery prevent accidents;
- When using the Wobbel in brigde mode (ᴖ), don’t walk near the edges, as it can tip over. Teach your children to walk in the middle. For children up to 6 years old, hold their hand in this position.
- Take care with fingers at the edges. Teach your children from the first use to always keep their fingers away of the edges. There is an entrapment hazard of the fingers and hands if they get caught under the Wobbel which could result in injuries;
- The materials of the Wobbel are subject to wear. Make sure your child doesn’t stick loose pieces in their mouth, which could result in choking. Remove them when present;
- Do not jump or stamp on the Wobbel. This can cause unexpected movements and cause injury.

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